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Lack of Tools

Does your workpalce suffer from a lack of tools?The Lack of Tools at a Job Means a Lack of Results

If there is one certainty in today's business world, it is that the lack of tools in a job leads to inefficiencies, diminished results, and possible injuries. Every job has its own necessary tools, from computers, to task-specific items, and heavy equipment. No matter how skilled an employee may be, s/he will never be able to function at full capacity if there is a lack of tools holding him or her back.

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Lack of Tools

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Our Board of Education has privatized the school district's cafeteria services. I am employed at the cafeteria through this private company. The school district has 5 buildings for which the private company has one director. ...
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Avoiding a lack of tools among employees encourages them to work in an effective and disciplined manner, utilizing their skills to the best of their ability, and employing the techniques that they feel will make the greatest impact.

Many businesses fail to properly provide their employees with the tools that they need, or allow a lack of tools to develop when those that were initially supplied wear out or run out. The reason for this is frequently due to the cost of such implements. However, when employees are being held back by a lack of tools, then the potential for profit is decreased. This far outweighs the money that it would cost to provide the employees with the items that they need to do their duties.

The same problem is present when there is a lack of tools when compared to the number of employees who need to use them. Just as traffic slows down when there is a lane closed on the highway, production slows down when there are not enough tools for the number of people who require them. The reason that traffic slows down is that too many people need to use the remaining lanes - there is not enough space for the number of people using it. Similarly, when there is a lack of tools, there are too many people using the limited number of tools, and production slows down. Some employees are forced to wait while others use the tools. By providing employees with enough "stuff" to get the job done, the bottom line is positively reflected, and the tools eventually pay for themselves.

Beyond the direct impact that a lack of tools has on productivity, there is an impact on employee morale which must not be overlooked. When employees are trying to work at their jobs with pride and dedication, but are held back by a lack of tools, it is very frustrating. This can cause team members to lose their passion for their work, and the result is a lessened energy for getting the job done. Certainly, they will still work, but they will not have the energy that they usually would, because they are always feeling held back. This distaste for their job will lead only to greater employee turnover, and, again, decreased productivity.

For these reasons, it is clear that any issue regarding a lack of tools should quickly be resolved by replacing the item (or purchasing it for the first time). A procedure should be implemented in order to keep company purchasers on top of any items that need adding or replacing, to prevent a lack of tools from ever occurring

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