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Overworking Issues

If you have overworking issues at your job, get helpOverworking Issues are Becoming More Common in Today's Workplace

According to a number of recent studies, approximately half of all employed people feel that they are facing overworking issues, to the point where they are not as healthy as they could be. Health impacts related to overworking issues include headaches, fatigue, extreme tiredness, regular sleepiness, continuous irritability, and even panic attacks.

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Overworking Issues

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I have been working in a bakery for the past 10 months. The job has gotten very stressful and there has been a lot of drama going on between other co-workers basically from day 1, which I have never been a part of. My direct manag...
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People who believe that they are suffering from overworking issues are not simply whining about their jobs. In fact, the majority of people who feel that they are overworked, also claim that they do enjoy the challenges presented at their jobs, and many also claim to feel more fulfilled when they are busy than when they are more idle.

However, even when a person enjoys his or her work, and feels fulfilled by being busy, the fact is that overworking issues must be taken very seriously due to their risk of causing work-related illnesses, a growing resentment about the long hours being worked, and sensations of losing control over their life. These overworking issues will only continue, and possibly grow, as the workload expected to be managed by employees continues to rise.

However, finding the solution to overworking issues isn't as obvious as it may sound. It requires an entire reworking of many of the attitudes within workplace communities, with a new acceptance of a dynamic and changing work environment. Though larger staffs may be considered to be a part of the solution to overworking issues, there is more to it than that.

Beating overworking issues is a well-balanced combination of:

  • Equipping your teams with the right number of staff
  • Empowering team members by removing red tape where possible
  • Concentrating on the efficacy of managers and team members to best manage time and use the right processes for getting things done.
  • Improve communication among team members to make sure that work needs to be done only once with fewer changes and revisions.
  • This process can take a lot of time to implement, especially in these times of cutbacks and an actual appreciation by society for the ability to overwork. In fact, of the most important overworking issues is the fact that such a compulsive style of working is actually leading to addictions that are cutting into other areas of worker's lives, and health. This addiction is becoming harmful on several levels of overworked employees' lives, and it is becoming extremely costly.

    The reason for this is that employees who suffer from overworking issues so deeply that they are addicted are not necessarily more productive workers. They do work long hours, seeking the "high" that the addiction requires from overworking, however, the exhaustion that it causes, and the damage to the employee's sense of self worth has only a negative impact on that person's abilities to achieve. Unfortunately, instead of helping such people, we more frequently applaud their dedication to the success of the business.

    Overcoming overworking issues begins with a recognition that it is indeed a problem in today's society. A gradual transition must then be implemented to allow employees the therapy they need to understand that they are still considered valuable and productive, even if they don't overwork.

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