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My handicapped, immediate supervisor was requiring me to perform personal services for her that I knew she could perform for herself. My grievance as upheld, however, in the grievance I referenced the fact that the person who began performing personal services for her in my place stated joe blow - higher up - is getting angry that I'm - immediate supervisor - asking joe's assistant to perform personal services for me. My response was that has nothing to do with me. My supervisor repeated the statement. I took that as a threat to my job. Again, my grievance was upheld and I no longer am required to perform personal services for my supervisor. But, the assistant who my boss referred to is now angry with me and is using her position to make my job more difficult. She is in the process of trying to block a raise that I've requested but stating I have a problem with internal customers. My reputation with external customers is excellent. Also, my reputation with internal customers was excellent until she began to bad mouth me. What can I do?  


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