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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
The owner of the company I worked for constantly stomps through the office, yelling, cussing, throwing things, berating employees and threatening their jobs. This creates a very uncomfortable and disconcerting environment, particularly for the girls in our department. Being artists, we require an atmosphere conducive to our required creativeness.

The other day the owner was throwing a fit in a conference room adjacent to our department with the door open. After several minutes of the whole department watching in disbelief as the owner continued his tirade, I took it upon myself to close the door to the conference room so we wouldn't be subjected to the abhorrent distraction. This resulted in the owner storming after me, spewing profanity and firing me. We argued intensely for a couple of minutes before he threatened to kill me. Fortunately, the manager stepped in before I could do anything stupid.

Now what? I have no job, and the job market for my skills is very narrow, limiting my employment options severely.  


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