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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
I have been working for the same company for five years with the same coworkers in this time period. I have had ongoing problems with one who is much older(now 67) I am 34. I have put up with constant personal comments regarding my appearance, such as being called fat or pale, dark circles under my eyes, pimples... you name it. As well as inappropriate touching, wanting hugs and to kiss me on the cheek and just in general sexual comments, like "if you were married to me you wouldn't have to work and I would "give it" to you every night". He does this with all the female coworkers. For years I have just tried to ignore this individual but 1 year ago I finally told him to stop. I told him I didn't want to hear anymore comments about the way I look, if I wanted his opinion I would ask for it. This resulted in the silent treatment and pouting. When I confronted him again about his refusal to speak with me, he said he was so hurt I talked to him like that and that he was just concerned about me. Things went okay for awhile, but then slowly went back to the way they were. I then went to my employer, and made a formal complaint. My employer confronted this individual and told him that this behavior was to stop immediately. Now I am again being subjected to the "silent treatment" and cannot even deal with him on a professional level. Any attempts to communicate have him walking away and getting information from other coworkers. Everyone at work knows this is happening and acts oblivious to it. I find myself angry all the time at work and I am having difficulty concentrating on my job and sleeping at night. I want to again talk to my employer regarding this behaviour. Do I have the right to correct this?. I feel I am being unjustly treated and I deserve an apology and the silent treatment stopped. I have been dealing with this "tantrum" for the last five months. I need some really good advice.  


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