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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
I was putting my 1 mug into the dishwasher with already 1/3 full. I didn't know if was clean because usually we slide the dish washing tray out if its washed. My supervisor the senior maid was busy talking to the butler and so I didn't disturb her and put my mug into the dishwasher.When she saw me putting it there she snap me and said "yak" and turn on the dish washing machine on. I ask her why didn't you include my mug there when you anyway turn the machine again to wash and she said" your mug is dirty" I said that is why I want to wash it there. And I was asking her again why is my mug very very dirty? And she repeated my words exactly. I was furious with it because of two reason I was insulted, humiliated and isolated. And I said you think you are very clean when infact your room is stinky. We live in the same house and she is messy in her room and the laundry area. I worked for her for ten years now and I tolerate her repeated bullying but only now that I get anxiety that I couldn't even think jeopardising my job.
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