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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
Hello my name is Therse. I am seeking advice on a workplace matter I am dealing with.

Background: I work for a corporate worldwide company. I am one of two woman in the city that works for this company. I have worked there for approximately a year and a half.

Issue: At present I am the longest employee at my location. I was hired for my experience not my piece of paper. In August last year I found an opportunity to advance my career in a sector that is not currently present in my region. My regional boss and I discussed this and put it into motion.

Along with this opportunity was to come training, full time with benefits, and the said position. It is now April. I have pushed every single week for 9 months for training. which I finally received, the position, which I am still not in, and full time which I just received not long ago after a handful of excuses for weeks. ( I found out after that every single person hired after me just got full time with benefits without question.)

Then, my boss decided that he liked my idea and has now been utilizing this for himself. Every person that has been promoted, hired or given full time has been acknowledged, accept me. He has even gone so far as to offer training to anyone who is interested within the office. In the meantime I am doing the same position as hired, and am expected the world of work, for horrible pay.

I am determined, driven, and goal oriented. I finished all my exams in 6 months as far as I could go thus far. I have gotten letters from guests on my willingness to exceed standards without question, yet my resentment at this point is undeniable, and I'm tired.

I feel as if there are three things going on here: Jealousy. Using Me. and Discrimination. If anyone has some sound advice as to a next step I can take, please advise me. In the meantime I have saved all my best work for myself, therefore I can use it for a company that appreciates it.

Because I don't have a degree in this I have found it hard to find employment in the sector I want, regardless of my background or work ethic. Does anyone have any advice on this as well (as I don't presently have the means to get a degree)

Thank You  


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