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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
Hi, I would appreciate your advice concerning my termination at XXXXX. A customer brought in her vehicle in for a tune up. The work order I received stated that the customer would like to see the spark plugs cause she usually does her own work but was unable to locate the plugs on her current car. I escorted the customer to her vehicle which was in my bay and indicated that because of the several options on her vehicle the plugs were not visible until certain accessories were removed and I would show them to her after I had removed them, which I did. It was now about eight o'clock and I told her that there was no way I would be able to finish her car off that night but I would start on it first thing Saturday morning. I asked her if she had a means of getting home or someone to pick her up she stated she didn't live far away and she would walk home. Store closing came by at 9:00 o"clock and the lady was still in the waiting room. Since I was going by her address I offered to give her a ride home.

The ride to her apartment was un-eventful we talked about he love for her car and her knowledge of vehicles how she used to do her own repairs but with the modern technology it was getting complicated. We arrived at her apartment complex at approximately 9:10. There was some more car talk and I gave her my personal business card as My Company cards were still in the process of being made.
My business card states my name address and phone number. Below my address the first caption is Licensed Auto Technician. Second Caption: PhotoGraphics / Photographer. Third caption: Computer Solutions.
Then my e-mail address and the URL of a web site I host some of my graphic work.

Our conversation did not link my personal business to the Company but I gave it to her saying if you ever get stuck give me a call. A practice I do with about 70% of my customers.Out of curosity I guss this lady decided to visit my web page. Saturday morning I was told not to work on he car until she showed up. Not thinking anything of it I continued to work on some other vehicles until it became time where I needed the hoist in my bar which her car was occupying. I called the number on the work order and was told by her not to work on her car and to talk to the store manager. Nothing more was said to me so I continued my work until my personal manager called me on his cell phone told me that there had been several allegations made against me by this lady and he wanted me to go home. He was not willing to discuss any details on the phone.
Tuesday morning I go into work to find out that this lady had gone to web page and "All kinds of porn naked women with no tops or underware and she would not let me work on her car because of that.
I spend hours even days to create images that I and several other people consider not to be poronographic but art.
Through the roughly twenty years in this trade I have recieved several customer appreciation awards. I have several letters of thanks from my customers and now I get fired for giving out a business card that this lady readily took after reading it my car before I left to go to my home.
Because the Company wanted to keep everything quite they covered the ladies 650.95 dollar bill.
I hope you will be able to help me, My boss put up a good fight for me, but Company has his hands tied. No one wants to lose their job.  


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