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I was recently let go from a company in Ca. - the reason given was basically the "at will" employment law - here is the situation - Prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, the president of my company called in his New Product team managers for a status meeting - he complained that it was taking too long to get new products to the market - I mentioned to him that I, as director of Quality -put a system in place to track, monitor and pace the progress of new projects and that the fact that he continued to give Product Development extensions to due dates that was causing the delays along with the fact Product Dev, gave incomplete packages that require revisions to complete the projects. In this meeting he implied that the team could be terminated if the agreed due date of 3/07 was not met. After the holiday break, he called 2 of 4 team members present at this meeting and let them go - I was among the 2. The questions I have is these - 1. When I was terminated I was not allowed to take most of my personal property - I was told it would be mailed to me - 2 weeks have gone by now and I still have not received them - is this legal? 2. since he implied that we had till 3/07 to complete the current projects or face possible termination and the fact that only 2 of the 4 managers present were let go - was this a wrongful termination? The source of the delay was Prod. development - the V.P. of this department did not get terminated and the company has a employee handbook to discipline employees for poor performance that was not followed.  


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