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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
I was laid off my job of four years back in July. The excuse/lie used as the reason Insubordination. The week prior to this occurrence I had a long meeting, requested by me with my HR representative, we discussed various concerns I had about things that had transpired and comments that had been made at the workplace. Other staff members also sat in at this meeting corroborating what I had said and expressing concerns of their own. Bottom line by Monday of the following week my job was mine no longer. The main issue of concern was racially oriented comments made that are unethical and not conducive to a good working environment. I had a meeting with the EEOC department which explained that although the comments made were not appropriate they were not directed at me and did not interfere with my job so they didn't feel their agency could be of much help. I suppose what I need is a bit of guidance as to who to turn to for help. I worked for a management company for an HOA. The president of the board, was the one who made the racial comments. My HR department was notified and ignored the concerned and I was terminated. There were at least two different workers compensation cases that should have been reported and addressed and were not. Other HR issues that I was notified about also concerned me. How can I make them accountable? I could seek counsel, but what type? Could I file a complaint to the DBPR? I dont know where to turn. Please help.  


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