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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
I was hired by a contracting company to work for their client. I got into this client company 1/11/2012 wed. In the first day the manager came late by almost 5 hours to receive me and took me to my work place and started explaining basic things in the team. Then I was asked to get the badge to have access to the building.
In the second day and third day my team was busy with the new project and assistant team lead explained me about my job and helped me setting up my desktop and had some staff management orientation. I had an small exam on static device handling to get access to my lab where i work and i cleared it to get the access to the lab.

But despite clearing they didn't get access to the lab.
On Friday evening and on Saturday (3 hours) They asked me to do cabling works on lab with my team lead on my side.
On Monday through Wednesday (16th to 18th Jan) we had training class for the whole day for the new project. On Wednesday evening by 4.30Pm on 18th Jan I got an email from staff management asking me to meet me at the building lobby. Where he told me about my termination on the same date and time without a reason and did not let me get back into the Office building again and took my badge access to the building.

Later I was checking with my contracting company about the reason and they gave me a reason almost after 6 days, stating it due to poor performance.

I don't understand how they determine my performance in 6 days of which 3 days is of training and 3 days for setting me up in the company where they havent given me a task to accomplish.

Moreover I still did not get access to the lab where i work inside the building. I wait from 10 to 30 minutes each and every time to get in despite clearing the exam for lab access.

I personally feel during the training program on the last 3 days, I was having some contradictions with the guy on some technical concepts. Even a member of the team supported me. I felt he's not gonna take my ideas and remained quiet.
Can someone please help me how will i have a poor performance issue in 6 days without access to the work lab and sitting in the training session without a task assigned to me.



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