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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
I worked at a rock quarry. I run a dozer, pushing off where the strip the top layer of dirt and other junk off before they blast. Normally I am by myself at the top. On a Friday afternoon the second shift foreman, which by the way I worked on first shift, came up to the top to get me. This was nothing unusual. I shut the dozer down, and got in with him and we proceed to the shop. On the way I asked him whats up, he said there was a big breasted blonde women that says she wants to take you in the bathroom. Ok I have only worked here for a month. I never received a employee handbook like we were told neither.

Being I was new and did not know this person very well I just kinda laughed. We arrived back to the shop were there were some of first shift and second standing around. I walked in now this was at 4:30 in the afternoon, and asked one of the other employees what was going on, he replied that there is a random drug test going on. I said well how has to take it, he replied, well the ones with the papers that the nurse was giving out. Ok, so I stood around for about 20 minutes. then I saw my first shift foreman and the production foreman standing by the door, I walked over to them and proceed to just have a conversation with them, They never ones asked or said anything about taking the drug test or nothing of the sort. So I walked around in the shop until about 5:30 when I hit the time clock with my card. I went home thinking nothing, cause I was new and also I had just had one prior to being hired. In all the jobs I have had, I never have any trouble taking one nor have I ever failed one. I do not do any drugs. So I was not worried neither.

Ok so I come in on Monday morning and my foreman walked up to me and told me I was done. Just like that no reason why nothing, He just said I was done.. Then later that day one of my friends called me up and said I know why u got fired, I said He never said I was fired just that I was done, he said ok, but it was that everyone was to take the drug test on Friday, I said I was never told to, and that it was a random test. Know a random to me like I have always had is were more or less the put your name in hat and if you are picked then you are to take it, never have I herd of everyone taking a random drug test. So what I was wondering was I done wrong or not. Like I said I was new, did not receive a employee handbook like I was told I would, and I never refused to take it, all they had to do ids look at my time card to tell that I did stick around, and not get out of there in a hurry or just not clock out, so I don't see were if that is what they are saying I refused it, cause I did not.  


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