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The Tour Operator for which I work expect me to lie for them. On the first occasion we were told to always blame the hotels even when the errors are our own. A year ago I complained to my line manager who said this dishonesty was to save us hassle from Travel Agents and would be short-term. We are still doing the same now. Today, after a Travel Agent realized we were lying about a hotel overbooking asked me to book the hotel online I was told to tell the Travel Agent we couldn't make bookings online (we can). I am fine dealing with conflict when I have a sense that we are treating people honestly but the conflict this leads to is causing me stress. Unfortunately this stress has led to absence and outbursts of anger which has led to me being put on a final warning for misconduct. If I bring the issues up at my 1 to 1 I get told it's only temporary, etc or that we are not really lying. I'm also worried that by complaining, my superiors will seek to find reasons to get rid of me.  


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