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I had been working for a construction company for several months. In this time I have gone through phases were I was not paid, under paid, or threatened to not have my check put into my direct deposit. My boss is really an awesome man and I don't have a problem with him. He is the owner of the business, it is the woman that owns the building where the business is located where the problem stands. I have received text messages from her requesting me to stay away from the building, but I need to work. The company isn't doing very well and my boss and myself are in between a rock and a hard place. I have tried to file for unemployment and am not sure if I will even get it because of the lies she is spreading about me. She answers phones at the company and does pay roll but she isn't my boss in any way shape or form. Recently I applied for a job and I used where I worked as a reference. I believe that I didn't get this job because of the statements she made against me. I was a wonderful employee and if my prospective employer were able to speak with my actual boss they would of received a wonderful reference on my behalf. I really need some help here I am running very low on funds and I have bills to pay. Does anyone know what I can do. I have also been in the office when she has given false statements about a previous employee that resulted in that previous employee not getting the job she was seeking.



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