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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
I'm a hair stylist and we had issues with head lice at my salon. Two people in my salon had head lice including me and obviously they sent us home which was completely understandable and they told us we couldn't come back for a week and we had to come back with a doctors note. So while I'm on leave I text my manager telling her that she should check everyone and call all the girls to make sure they don't have it. that I don't want to come back and get it again because if two of us had it and we weren't even together on the same shift, than there either has to be someone else who has it or some how got it from the salon.

Well she tells me " but maybe you guys got it from the church you guys go to cause it takes up to 7 days to see it from time of getting it. Cause if it was from the salon everyone would of had it and no one else does" I tell her we don't go to the same church, which we don't. And she says "well I'm just saying we have to think of all the places though so tell them to protect them that's all" I said " protect who? Did anyone call the girls?" And she says " no one called them we will check them before they start work today, I'm saying anyone you been around people in your house friends people like that" so she first tells me I maybe got it from church since "no one else has it" but she hasn't even checked everyone else to even know she's just assuming that no one else has it and assuming its from church.

My mom works in the same company as me just different location now a day after these back and fourth text messages my mom calls and tells me that my manager calls her manager and tells her to check my mom for lice! she has the nerve to call my moms salon but hasn't even called the girls in our salon? now is all that discrimination? I'm offended! Now lice you can get from anyone you can be clean or dirty. Dirty people don't attract lice, lice jumps from head to head. Idk maybe she's not educated with lice? A lot of people assume that you can Only get lice if they are dirty. who knows maybe she thinks me and my coworker are dirty? What's your opinion on this do I have a right to be upset?  


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