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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
I am being accused of falsifying legal documentation. Here is my version; I work with other nurses, two of these nurses have been using white out in the mar (this is where we legally write our initials when medications have been given)in order to educate these nurses as to proper procedure when correcting in the mar it is to been done by writing void over the initial. I proceeded to show them how to do this when they proclaimed that they did not know how.
They went to the manager to find out if I was right and the manager charged me with falsifying documentation. I didn't initial the void which needs to be done and neither did the two nurses. Nothing in the mar was changed. I could have lied and said I wrote void in the wrong place, but I id not lie. My colleagues however, after the fact and after having asked the manager if void was the correct method to use. My colleagues lied and said they did not ask me for help. Is this really falsifying records?  


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