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Okay, my story's a little long but I'll try to keep it interesting.

I work for a communications company and am a hard worker, so I've earned myself 3 promotions after 2 years at my current workplace. As soon as I started this latest position, I noticed some funky things going down that I was never let in on before I got to this level. Turns out that I was now responsible for the admin work of a team who were all inadvertently committing sales fraud by claiming sales twice because of a crappy procedure. Well, I wasn't having any of that, even if it was going to cost my team hundreds of sales and a bunch of potential sales, it was fraud!

I popped into my boss's office and quickly debriefed him on the situation and had all the papers to back up my claims. He seemed surprised, especially since it'd been happening for 4 years right under his nose. But once he understood how many sales we'd lose and what kind of impact it would have on our bonus's and such, he asked me to ignore it until the next fiscal year and keep inputting the falsified information. After digging deeper, I realized almost every department in the company had been falsifying data to reach sales targets.

I was discouraged and dissatisfied with the results of my meeting, so I met with my boss again and urged him to let me change the process and fix the fraud and he acted like I had five heads, completely denying I brought anything up about this in the first place.

Okay, that irked me.

I realized things were getting intense at that point but me and my darned morals had to keep fighting the good fight. So since everyone in the company seemed corrupt (even our HR rep was going out for drinks with the regular office staff on weekend), I went to the only manager I trusted (my previous manager) and asked him for a private meeting. He really made me feel a lot better, he agreed that it was totally wrong and that I should meet with the VP of our division and straighten it out myself. He even set up the meeting for me! Awesome, right?

Actually, turns out he sucks too.

As soon as I walked back into my office my current boss called me into his office. Turns out the guy I confided in had told my boss everything, even about the meeting with the VP! I was so shocked I literally had my mouth hanging open for a good 5 minutes.

Unbelievably, my boss pleads ignorance on the whole thing ever being brought to his attention...twice!! AND he attempts to meet with the VP before me (but does not succeed). I meet with VP, he calls in the boss so we can all meet together and AGAIN he acts completed baffled that this is going on. URGHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you'vegottobefrick'nkiddingme!

Anyway, the problem gets resolved, no more fraud and I'm miss unpopular. Now, months later, I'm finding way more fraud from at least 2 other teams' sales numbers and you better believe my boss is making things very difficult for me in trying to get this resolved. I'm frankly quite burnt out and ready to just call it quits. What can I do when I don't have anyone to turn to? Why even bother? It's so unfair because I like my job, my co-workers and I'm great at what I do, I deserve this job and a raise to boot. Any advice would help, I'm at my wit's end...  


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