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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
A Director of a Department who reports to me attempts to bypass me with decisions and other usual work related information. Although this individual currently reports to me there have been discussions in the company to realign management where this individual will possibly end up as an equal and on the same level as me. There has been no final decision at this point. This individual has recently signed employee performance evaluations on the line I usually sign with the following "OK per John Doe" using my name. Somehow this has gone through the Human Resources department unnoticed until I recently asked to see the evaluations turned in by this manager.

I have not discussed my findings with my Vice President or with the HR Vice President. I would like to know what the implications are for this behavior and what action I should take. I did not give this individual the authority to sign "for me" nor would I do that. I have in previous months reviewed and signed evaluations performed by this manager/department. This individual is aware of the usual reporting process.  


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