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I work in the HR of a large organization. I was just promoted to replace someone else who received her own promotion. Iím in charge of the payroll now. I happened to have had to compare my recent numbers to the numbers from a few months ago, and I found that there was a discrepancy there. As far as I can tell, every person in the company who is in the same position and who has been here since my predecessor did my job used to be paid exactly one dollar less than they are now. I have yet to prove it, but it looks to me as though my predecessor was skimming a dollar off everybodyís pay to give it to herself, possibly under a fake employee name, Iím not sure yet. Iím afraid to report her, because I could be completely wrong. Iím new at this position, and I donít want to mess things up for my own opportunities. However, if this was indeed happening, I think she should be punished. Does anyone else have an opinion to share?  


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