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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
I am employed in a small workplace environment where I am paid solely on commission sales. My boss who "runs" the company has never agreed to a work schedule/plan for customers that come in to the business. So it is like a undignified free for all for business with him taking the best ones and calling all the shots. Of course this effects the work place atmosphere and my income. The only other employee in the workplace is related to the owner/boss and is vulnerable since she/he needs the job very badly and is not in the same position as myself in that he/she has a salary. The boss makes power plays in that he makes sure I am aware of the good things he does for this employee and expects me to pick up the slack when this person routinely takes time off (paid).

Any advice is welcome. Talking to him directly has never gone well as he becomes hostile, aggressive and nasty (scary).  


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