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I've been working in a this automotive guarage for about one year. Being in a colder climate the doors are mostly closed. There are four mechanics and parts sale people ect in the building. We have proper ventilation setup in the garage for expelling the co emissions. The problem I am having is the other mechanics don't vent the co out the door. They believe running the for a few minutes at a time is fine. To some people it might seem fine. Running a cold vehicle (producing more c0 cats aren't warmed yet) in a garage unveted many times per day build up to a crazy amount of pollution, not to mention the disal trucks. There is no air care where we are, and most vehicle runs terrible. My question is it possible to have wbc do a "random anonymous check" without me being the "squealer". Like I said no one seems to see the problem with running these vehicles in the shop unvented with the doors closed, but is a serious safety problem that needs to be delt with, without me loosing my job. Thank you  


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