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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
This is my first job. As a fresher with lot of enthusiasm I worked hard I have been exceeding all the targets(both quantity and quality) set by the company, I have been doing this more than a year without giving up. Though they appreciated me, there was no support from them. My colleages started making comments about me, (why she is working that hard, though she's not getting anything?). Then as time passed the company introduced incentive scheme, but the problem with that is, I had to work triple the times to earn the same incentive as that of my coworker, who is elder than me though they joined the company at the same time I did. But I lost interest with incentives in few days.

I started aiming for promotion. I saw some of my colleagues were promoted to QC or other post, who doesn't work better than me and simply chat and make comment about others. I saw that I'm being degraded. I lost my interest, my enthusiasm all stopped after this.I decided to work few numbers less than the target or to do just the target. To prove that I'm still efficient I exceeded the target a few times, especially when they revise it. The company asked about my less performance. but did not take any steps regarding this. I don't know why?

This year they promoted another colleague who has been performing well just for few months and is less experienced than me, not meeting the quality target etc., I don't know where I performed lesser than her. Please help me I'm depressed because of this. I see that I'm no where lesser than my colleagues, I'm performing better than them still , better than the experienced ones. They all too accept this. What should I do to convince the company? I like this job very much and I don't want to leave this. All I want now is a promotion, to get a mental satisfaction to continue the job smoothly. Please help.  


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