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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
Our company allows every employee to come into work up to 4 minutes and 59 seconds late. At the 5 minute mark it is considered late, and disciplinary action is taken by steps. But if you work for a call center, and your arrive on time, and your in the building on time, and your in your cubicle/station on time, but can't sign in because of the computers have just been revamped, and it does not remember your call in sine numbers/ Outlook/ Information-- so once you put in your first initial log in sign, the system spinner, spins, and you have to wait 5 or 6 minutes for it to register your information to get logged on to the computer, "Agents" NORMALLY get a write off, for it due to out of employees control to sign in on time, but not me. I am having to be disciplined over and over time and time again. Previously I did have a bully boss, but now appointed a new one, although the first one has left a bad reputation upon me the the new, who will not go by the rules. I do have emails, and screen shots of proof, of all my un-just towards me.
So if you are in the building in Utah, Salt Lake City, and your sitting down, and the company's camera shows me on time, but since I could not get signed into the computer on time, WHAT IS CONSIDERED ON TIME LEGALLY ?


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