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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
I work in a professional firm that changed its dress code. I stopped wearing all items against the policy and only wore items on the list of suggested work attire. 5 owners all said that I did not dress professionally on my evaluation. I told the 2 male evaluators that everything I wore was within the policy guidelines and went on to ask what was the specific problem-style, color, size and were there any offending examples. Neither could answer my question directly and said I needed to do better than the stated guidelines. They said the firm marketing advisor ought to help me with this issue. This person does not have good professional judgement and has been reprimanded by management for questionable behavior at public functions with our clients. I said that due to the severity of the problem,I would retain a business wardrobe consultant at my own expense.

Unfortunately, the advisor was very unkind when she came to my home to assist me with eliminating undesirable clothing from my closet. She called me Boobylicious, said I had to start buying expensive shoes, clothes at dept stores, and left me feeling humilated. 70% of what was said was useful and I at least figured out enough to upgrade my clothing. Interestingly enough, some of the things she made me throw out were the firm polo shirt and pieces identical to what the marketing advisor wears! In the future, I am planning to seek the advice of a department store personal shopper when I need to make high dollar purchases. I will not take this person on any shopping trips with me to make me feel like garbage while I spend money.

I think this is a good decision since I am looking for another job.

I later learned that two other coworkers endured the same experience from their evaluators. One had just had a baby and probably had problems getting back into her clothes. All 3 of us are overweight.

Where is this leading and what can I do?

I have yet to sign my evaluation and intend to write a rebuttal stating inability to substantiate the problem. I am also going to add that since the office manager is female, that they should have addressed any concerns with my attire to her, so she could advise me so I could have corrected the problem earlier.  


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