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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
I was recently promoted to a management position in an office of 25 employees. The office is divided into two groups, myself managing one half. My problem is that a very reserved, conscientious, hard-worker (I'll call her Jackie) from the other manager's side of the office has come to me confidentially to express her unhappiness in her position. This is a big step for her, as she is quiet, reserved and speaks English as a second language.

Jackie has spoken to her manager (I'll call her Sandra) previously and said she was overwhelmed with the work burden and it was agreed that she needed assistance. Her help was short lived, and now she said Sandra is curt with her and Jackie does not feel as if she can talk freely to Sandra about her unhappiness. Sandra points out her errors but fails to recognize her productivity. Sandra has now gone to Jackie's counterpart (peer/coworker), and has had him address "issues" with her work which has left Jackie feeling embarrassed and "hurt", since she often picks up his slack.

She's now complaining of stomachaches and has come to me reaching out for help. She wants to be transferred to my side of the office, but I have no immediate position for her to fill. I'm not sure if I should address this to my & Sandra's immediate manager, or discuss this with Sandra herself first. I worry that the latter will have Jackie regretting the nerve to open up to me yet I don't wish to step on Sandra's toes since I'm new in my position. Any thoughts or advice are greatly appreciated.  


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