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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
Iím a supervisor and designer at a large florist. We usually have at least 3 to 4 florists on the floor just on a weekday, and on weekends thereís normally a half dozen of us.

Iíve been with the same florist for years. Iím a trained designer, and Iím always taking courses and going to conventions to stay on top of styles and keep up to date.

Iím finding, though, that the people that are being hired to work with me arenít trained the same way that I was. Not only do they not seem to have the same education as me to start, but theyíre also put out on their own before theyíre ready to work the till, the wire machine, and even answer the phones professionally. Not to mention the fact that they donít know how to design flowers in bouquets or arrangements, nor do they know how to treat or clean the flowers.

I try to do my best to help, but itís a busy place, and Iím needed by the customers. On average, theyíre given three days of training, and then just expected to work as though theyíve been doing this all their lives. Some of the tools and cleaning machines (the device that whips off extra leaves and thorns) can be dangerous if theyíre used wrong. Plus, the arrangements weíre giving customers are going down in quality.

I feel like Iím the only one left who knows what sheís doing. What can I do to help get us back on track? Itís getting haywire around here!


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