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  This is the problem the employee is having:  
Hello, I am a male, 16 years of age.This is hard for me to write so dont laugh.
I work in a cafe that is privately owned, my boss is a homosexual and his partner works at the cafe too.

I was 14 when my boss started to sexually molester me, he would and still does touch my stomach and my arse and would try and put his hands down my pants underneath my underwear, he would and rub my genitals on the outside of my pants.

When I am on break or working him and his partner say some very rude, descriptive, grousome, vulgar things to me about what they did to eachother in the bed and with other guys when they had threesomes. Sometimes they stated what they wished to do to me.

I have never told anyone about it because I am ashamed and embarrassed and I dont want to get fired. If I told my parents, my step dad would probably go to my boss and beat him up, and I dont want that. I also dont want to get him in trouble with the law but if it gets severe I will result to that.

This happens to 2 other staff members who are males aswell but I have the worst of it.

Please help me and give me advice.
Thank you.  


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