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I've been in this company for 5 months when my boss ask me to go out with him i told him that i was married then he told me that i will never see his section again that he will punish me and send me to another section and thats what he did he start telling people that i slept with him and he told me that he will look for my application find where i live and go after me the worst thing is that I'm not the only one and we decide to get together to get some help but it seems like nobody wants to help us we can not complaint inside the company because there is a lot of corruption and we are the one s who are going to get fired he had done this to a lot of women and he always say that he is in control and the one with the power and that the big boss will never do nothing to him because he knows a secret about him. we have text messages a s evidence but we have no where to go to that will help us to protect our jobs and get him fired.  


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