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Workplace Bullying and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I have a situation where a catalogue of events have occurred at work in a newly set up department where we have had issues with long working hours etc and lack of support. My boss was promoted and he is basically struggling to keep up and support a senior team that I am part of. There is a personality issue with him and me and its evident the way he conducts meetings and sends emails and publicly humiliates me. I have discussed this with my old bosses was advised to make it official. I was in the throws of logging a grievance procedure for bully and harassment then the following happened-

He has now raised an issue with my expenses, claiming I have falsified documents and has asked me to attend an investigatory meeting with HR.

I attended a meeting in Yorkshire UK in July 09, where I took the opportunity whilst in the area to visit a relative about 45 miles away and booked into a local hotel for 2 nights. We have to book all travel and hotel arrangements through *** as company policy so this is officially logged.

I booked the wrong dates and changed this myself with the hotel fro Wed/Thurs to Tues/Weds. Problem was the evening of Tuesday nights booking I worked at our offices 245 miles away, preparing for the meeting photocopying printing etc. Time passed by, it got late and I decided in line with our work life balance policy not to travel the 4 hours it would have taken me to get there which would have made it nearly 11:00 pm that evening. I forgot to cancel the hotel by 16:00 hrs and I had to pay for the room because of this. (We pay and then claim back)

I stayed the following night and had made arrangements to stay in a separate hotel at my expense on the Friday/Saturday departing on the Sunday to travel back home.

I presented my expenses claim with the hotel receipt with correct dates and put on the correct dates by changing the dates on the confirmation slip from *** (this is not mandatory to present with expenses) he checked and saw I had stayed in Whitby and not near to where my meeting was, but didnít ask me why signed my expenses pending authorisation then made some enquiries the result is I have to attend this meeting now.

I have proof of the hotel that I paid for the Friday/Saturday; one of the nights was the incorrect dates I originally booked the Friday as staying on business.

Have I committed a crime by changing the confirmation documents?

Employee: markh1964
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