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Can you help this person? They have a problem with
Workplace Bullying and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I have been having this problem for long time now. When I moved into my new position, I noticed that there was this unsaid and unofficial fear from all my co-workers, except certain few people.
Soon enough, it was obvious why. We were being bullied. When I realized what was going on, and I had my first bullying session with this oppressor, I asked him why, and why those harsh treatment to us, and I mentioned to him that that way was close to unhman, and too demanding. He did not like that, and told me that those where the regulations, and that we were expected to comply with them, when asked who had created those procedures, he only answered that they were management decisions, and I asked him, but who is management then? Due that I knew that there were no other managers than him at that time.
Ever since, we never saw eye to eye with him. But since he is in the authority position, he had been really hostile towards me, and had tried so hard to sabotage my employment in there, and I had not quit or given up because that means that he will always manage to get rid of the good and fair people who can see what he is doing. I must mention that many good co-workers of mine had already left because it was unbearable to them to stay there.

I had to get the union involved for certain issues, and have made sure to let him know that I will not be having a meeting with him alone unless upper management is present or one of the union representatives, but his bullying shows in many ways still in whatever he can get away without getting a finger pointed at him.
I need advice here,
Thank you.
Employee: seekingjustice
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