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Can you help this person? They have a problem with
Workplace Bullying and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I think maybe I'm being bullied at work, but I keep doubting myself and thinking that maybe I'm overreacting. I don't think I'm a weak person but when I get home from work I can barely function, and I get this horrible feeling of dread at night thinking about going to work in the morning. I often don't sleep.

Does this sound like bullying to you?

- My supervisor will give me a task to do and I'll drop into her office when I'm finished to go over it with her. Often, unbeknown to me, she's been doing the exact same task and will check what I've done against what she's done and then criticize my work when we differ in our results.

- My supervisor and my other bosses will often have open door meetings where they whisper and fall immediately quiet when I pass by.

- I went on sick leave last year and was repeatedly told how hard it was for the department to have me on leave, and how hard my supervisor was finding it. Rumors were passed on to me by my supervisor that so-and-so said I wasn't really sick and that HR thought my leave was "suspicious". I don't know if anyone actually said those things or if my supervisor made it up. If these things were said I don't think she should have mentioned it to me.

- I was told after I returned from sick leave that if I became sick again I would be terminated.

- I was excluded from two team building exercises after I returned from sick leave.

- My workload has been downgraded significantly and I often am doing "make-work." I find this really stressful. Not only is it terribly boring, I'm worried that I'll be made redundant. I've asked for more work but it appears that my supervisor is hoarding my normal duties to herself.

- My supervisor often tells me that the boss doesn't think my position is necessary.

- I have been forced by an associate director to defraud institutions on financial claims.

- A superior seems to be consistently trying to humilate me. She has told me that my cover letter was "incredibly unprofessional" (while at the water cooler). She tries to embarrass me in front of other colleagues regularly.

- A superior to me tracks when I go to the washroom and how long I am at the washroom. Once she asked me why I was bringing my purse to the washroom. (I told her it was for a stool sample, she won't ask me again!)

- My e-mail is read after I leave for the day.

- After I returned from sick leave I was asked to get a note every single time I went to the doctor stating what my diagnosis was. Since I was no longer on leave and my medical appointments were not during work hours I have ignored this request. It has been repeated numerous times, however.

- My supervisor often comes into my office and rearranges it and will "casually" ask me about what's on my screen. This makes me feel untrustworthy.

Am I being too sensitive? Am I just not assertive enough? I work with lawyers and I don't really have the skills to deal with three of them at once.

Employee: anonymous
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
1) take it as learning.
2) don't assume it is about you.
3) it probably was difficult to deal with your sick leave it is not as planned vacation where they cover your hours with another worker ahead of time, someone has to pick-up the slack. Rumors are rumors, but sometimes it can have merit. In this case they seem to be very pissy about your sick leave. (In my work I have been accused of unprofessionalism due to sick time)
4)5)6)7) all pissy because of sick time utilized
8) STOP IT, STOP IT, do you want to go down, have dirt on you !!!!!!! Quit if you have too, but stop it, it isn't worth you inteqrity.
9)10) pissy/pissy good come back, nervy actually, careful though.
11) is the computer and programs yours? or do they belong to the company? best advise KEEP YOUR EMAIL CLEAN,
12)no ones business what your diagnosis was or is, doctors appointment on your own time-no obligation to provide a note. how do they even know you have an appointment? don't share your information. if you do provide a note, it only needs to have that you were off due to illness, not why. check your state/province policy with labour relations (labour board)as to how many sick times you can have before your employer can demand a doctors note.
13) say-come look, it will soon become boring to her
14) no you are not too sensitive, lawyers are hard and worked hard to get where they are, they deal with all kinds of people, they probably don't trust easily, you probably feel intimidated, don't YOU HAVE THE SKILLS-after all how did you get the job, hold your head up, so what you were sick, big deal... they will get over it too.

I hope this helps
Have a great day.
Contributor: visitor
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