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This is the original problem from an employee...
I just got a new boss I work in a head custodial position. Since he has been hired he requested to see me at the school to show him the issues the school had e.G steam units and various other equipment. When I was taking him around I said the valves needed to be replaced and he was very abrupt with me and said it is not that simple.The tone in which he told me this made me feel that I did not have any knowledge. Then he phoned me weeks later informing me that we were over staffed in the caretaker dept and I had to let go of one of the casual staff.He gave me 3 days to do so.I phoned human resources to give me some direction and time to do so. The boss in question was informed that human resources was meeting with me. I received a email from the boss asking me if I still wanted to meet with him.I phoned him and he was very short on the phone he asked me what I told human resources about him and I said nothing bad he said I could imagine what you told them.I felt very intimidated in the way he was speaking to me.He then blamed me that me calling casuals put the budget over.I told him I was authorised by previous boss and human resources and I had nothing to do with budgeting because I don't have a budget. When he was talking to me and I would try to say something he would tell me he didn't know what I was talking about and he didn't under stand what I was saying this made me feel belittled. I finished the conversation on the phone with him and I was very upset.And was advised by the principle at the school I work at to write it up and give it to him.I am very respected at the school I work at and I do not feel I deserve to be treated this way.  
Employee: anonymous
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