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Can you help this person? They have a problem with
Workplace Bullying and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I believe the new guy is trying to get rid of me, and I donít know how to handle it. I have been working for my boss going on four years now. I was the only one that worked in the office for about a year, but then we started getting busy, so another person was brought in to help. This worked out fine for about two years, but we kept getting busier. There was no way I could do everything that needed to be done, so someone else was hired. This person had absolutely no experience, but was a good employee. I had no managerial experience, but now I was the office manager. I was involved in everything, and always knew what was going on.

About 6-8 months ago someone else was hired. He comes from a company that we used to do work for, and was one of the upper management people. That company started to go downhill, so he left.

Iím told he was hired to take over the busy work, and day to day operations, so some of my bossís time would be freed up to seek out and pursue new opportunities. Thatís great, but I donít see why he would need to know how much money was in the bank, or why all of the sudden everything needs to be so secretive. The reason I think he is trying to get rid of me is because then nobody would be looking over his shoulder, or questioning anything. He would be the only one in charge. Iím told that at the other company where he worked, he was able to make things happen, and nobody ever questioned or challenged him. I do, because I donít want anything bad to happen to my boss or the company he has built. There are things I donít want to go into detail about at this time, but it is evident that he has no problem spending my bossís money for personal or things that are unnecessary.

Following is what prompted me to seek advice...
So, an employee handbook was put together, with input from me, but the changes that we agreed on were not included. The only go-to people mentioned are my boss and the new guy. I was not mentioned anywhere for anything, when most of the time people come to me with problems or questions. Now he wants me to sign the acknowledgment pages and give them back to him, but I am not going to.

What should I do? I donít want to cause problems.
Employee: anonymous
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