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Can you help this person? They have a problem with
Workplace Bullying and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I just started a new job that has not provided me with any formal training. The first 2-3 weeks I didn't even have the proper tools, such as a computer & key board set up for me to perform my duties properly. There are 5 of us & I am the only woman in this work very small work space(maybe 12 feet long & 6 feet wide. There are a couple of the old timers that have caused me much so much stress, making degrading remarks about me to each other and to other employees in other departments (within my hearing range) to the extent that I don't think I can continue to work there due to the hostile atmosphere.

Many employees throughout the company have told me that they ran the female that worked there before off, because she couldn't work in that degrading atmosphere any longer. I have told my manager on several times and all he has said to me was "Just ignore them" and don't let them get to me.

I finally went to the GM yesterday and he gave me the options :

1. to go back out there and he would get work on getting it taken care of
2. go home & take a the rest of the week off, but of course without pay! And because my boss is off the rest of the week, I should come in on Monday morning and sit down and talk the him & my boss about this.

There is much more I could tell you about the hostile atmosphere, but you get the picture of what I am dealing with. I need advise on what I should do?
Can anyone help me? Thank you, TSH  
Employee: anonymous
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
I've been there, done that and I GOT OUT OF THE JOB! Life is too short to work in misery!
Contributor: visitor
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
I've been in a similar position. I made the mistake of staying to address the problem - hoping my managers would do the right thing. Unfortunately, the situation escalated. I was bullied relentlessly and ended up on WorkCover due to the stress. I took legal action but, although my employer settled out of court for a almost $100,000, it has led to further years of bullying - after that employer passed info on to my current employer. Almost 5 yrs on my life is a mess and I'm still struggling to untangle myself from the increasingly complicated (on my employers part), soul-destroying bullying. If I had to 'do it all again' I'd.....RUN! GET OUT!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Contributor: visitor
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