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Can you help this person? They have a problem with
Workplace Bullying and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I've encountered a bully who has sunk his teeth into my life and is very near to destroying it.

I am an inventor and partnered with a finance professional (my neighbor) to raise funds to start a company. Over the course of two years the company raised several million to launch the sports company. I recognized early on that he was a bully, but tried my best to smooth things out and accommodate his needs. This man is extremely narcissistic and manipulative. He made promises of other business ventures to become a part of my invention which never came to fruition. He treated me as though he was entitled to everything I had ever thought of. He micromanaged every move I made and when it was not to his satisfaction he would threaten me by informing the board of directors, or worse, litigation. He has a strong understanding of the legal system and uses it as his vice to torment others. Our relationship deteriorated so much that he turned our employees against me, which was easy to do as I was in Asia for most of the year while they were in Canada. I couldnít bridge relationships. He ultimately convinced the other board members to fire me. He has created the belief throughout the organization and my business network that I brought to the company that I am untrustworthy and to blame for company issues.

I had to turn to a different direction and create new relationships as it has been extremely difficult to approach these people to convince them otherwise because it comes down to he said, she said. Within four months of being fired, the person they hired to replace me also quit along with the president of the company. He also never paid the factory for the product. Thirteen months after I was fired, I was sued with an Anton Pillar order, which in Canada, allows for the opposing legal firm to engage forensic accountants to enter a premises and take all related material. The suit bases on the fact that I have been engaged with another company utilizing the same technology, which I had no idea was even occurring. The claims depict me as a violent, unconscionable person. As he is my neighbor, he has threatened and verbally abused me multiple times which has all been reported to the police. But all these instances are not strong enough to charge him. Rather, he was trying to elicit a response to further his case. The cost of litigation is insurmountable for me as my attorneys have to go through 3 years of documentation. Through this, I've lost friends, close business relationships, and other new business. Having never gone through this legal process before, I am not sure what lies ahead, and possible bankruptcy is certainly in sight.

Iíve taken the high road every step of the way, I havenít reacted to this massive abuse, and this convoluted issue just spends more money. I need a way for the truth to come out and bullying, manipulation and deceit should be a crime.

Iím looking for help
Maybe my story is strong enough for a book to teach people of all the mistakes I made in getting lured into this entangled relationship of manipulation between shareholders, directors and employees. Itís a convoluted relationship all of whom has different expectations. Do you know of any writers to take this on?
- Maybe I can help others on what not to do through a blog or site of some sort?
- Is there any government organization or group trying to enforce government regulation against bullying?
Employee: anonymous
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