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Can you help this person? They have a problem with
Workplace Bullying and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I am one of several teachers who have been severely bullied by a particular principal and the HR superintendent protects this man. Whenever there are too many complaints he is transferred (now at 4th school with 10 formal complaints in the past 7 years.) I have been on forced leave for two years, unpaid, and I'm not accused of any wrongdoing. (I have 3 dozen letters of recommendation from colleagues demonstrating my competence and even the board acknowledges there is no complaint with my abilities.)

We've gone to mediation/arbitration but it is a kangaroo court. The mediator/arbitrator is an intelligent man but he has only been given about 2% of the information necessary to make an intelligent decision. This has been going on for over a year and so little progress has been made. My union does nothing and according to my lawyer is doing the bare minimum to avoid a section 74 complaint with the labour board. (If I were a member of a different union I think things would be different, but this section of this particular union is known for not supporting members, but we have no choice regarding being a part of this union and complaints to the provincial office are ignored.) There is suspicion (police involvement) of embezzlement and other illegal financial activities between some union officials and several administrators of my employer, including my bully, the HR superintendent, and my provincial union rep.

This is such a mess and I haven't done anything wrong, not even accused of anything, but I'm caught in the crossfire and suffering as a result. I have learned the HR supervisor was instructed (months ago) to return me to work immediately under conditions that were favourable to me. She has not done this and has lied to the mediator/arbitrator and my union is doing nothing. I'm not supposed to know about the return to work instruction she was supposed to provide, but I do, and it angers me that I'm still being bullied and there is nothing I can do about it. My lawyer has said that unless my union fights for me there is nothing I can do. Going to the labour board is only a 6% chance of success and takes years. It is also not just me that is going through this. This HR superintendent has a reputation of doing this and the union in this area turns a blind eye. It is so incredulous I doubt Hollywood would believe it. My employer seems to know what is going on but can't step in because it is in mediation/arbitration. I don't know what to do and feel I have little to lose by going to the media. But I don't want to undermine my employer because doing so undermines the Catholic education system and I believe in it. I'd rather work with the Board to correct a huge problem. Staff morale is pathetically low, so much so that students are choosing to transfer to the public board, which just decreases morale even further. The attitude among staff is 'don't get sick or you will be forced into the process and forced out'.

This is ridiculous. (I developed Acute Stress Disorder - can't be Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because it isn't post - from the workplace bullying. Experiences do meet criterion A of the DSM-IV and I have been a fool to not go directly to the police. I have been threatened with dismissal if I talk to anyone, including my priest.) I see the hundreds of thousands of dollars needlessly spent on mediations/arbitrations when this money should be put toward student learning, and it can be saved if communication occurred, if people were treated like humans and not maggots. This problem seems too big for this forum and I don't know what to do. The first step is finding a way to expose the HR superintendent for the way she is mishandling employees and protecting the bully principal, (selfishly I need to focus on the way she is mishandling me right now). How do I expose the fact that she has been given an instruction to return me to work immediately under particular conditions that are favourable to me but she has stalled the process (for months), has not provided the offer which she was instructed to provide, and continues to lie to the mediator/arbitrator, (and my union will hear none of it with the excuse the superintendent would never do such a thing)? I've been told I'm not allowed to talk to the mediator/arbitrator. Would using this forum to give him this information be possible? advisable?  
Employee: anonymous
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