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Can you help this person? They have a problem with
Workplace Bullying and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I have been experiencing workplace bullying for about 8-10 months now. It began with an individual who became continuously more and more sexual towards me, with unwanted sexual comments that crossed the line. I spoke with this individual and that is when the trouble started. The background of my workplace is such that before I began working there over a year ago, the workplace was already filled with poison and unpleasantness. This had been allowed to go on for many years without intervention from management, who were aware of what was going on. I basically entered a war zone.
After I confronted my colleague, I noticed that another colleague began treating me with disrespect and shortness. He would rarely speak to me despite the fact we shared a cubicle, and would at times provide me with wrong information in order to make me look stupid in front of management and our clients. Since I am in a learning position, I rely heavily on the expertise of my colleagues in order to learn my function within the organization. One by one, my male colleagues began to ostracize me. No one would even acknowledge me, not even a return hello. It was horrible. Finally a very unprofessional interaction on the part of the co worker who sexually harassed me prompted me to sit down with the manager, who was aware of what was going on but had still done nothing about any of it, agreed that it wasn't right but that he could not protect me when he was not in the office so he would leave it up to me. I basically felt like I couldn't do anything otherwise I would make thigns worse for myself. I hesitated but told the manager that he needed to be dealt with. I was one of 2 females within our group had been verbally harrassed by this individual. The other female finally quit after months of endless harassment from him and another colleague, via email. My boss did nothing.

My boss gave this guy a slap on the wrist and told me to me with this guy which I told him made me uncomfortable. He still encouraged me to do it. It was a nightmare. I was told that the group felt I was too ambitious and made them look bad. He said that I was warned to slow down and to not be so aggressive and that teh group was purposely ostracizing me because I was not behaving the way they wanted me to or conducting business the way the group conducts business. When asked why they don't just tell me what I am doing wrong so i can correct myself and do it right, I was told that i just had to learn and suffer like everyone does in the group, that is how you learn. Much was said about me personally, my character and how I conduct myself at work. No concrete facts were provided and when i challenged him with proof he bacame aggressive and refused to talk about that topic further, ending each interaction with "well we will have to agree to disagree". I left work so emotionally destroyed that I cried all the way to my car, threw up in the parking lot and went home. This was the second time this guy had made me cry that week, and I am not a crier. I called my boss and he did not call me back for 3 days. I was angree and disgusted with him. I did call my former female colleague who had been bullied by this individual the year before. Basically word for word of what was said and done to me was also done to her. She too received no assistance from management to get the situation resolved.

Now I basically ignore my colleagues in order to survive and try not to let them bother me but I find that I am distracted, that my work has suffered. I am forgetful, moody, unmotivated and lack the drive I had when I started. My attitude is what's the point. I have health problems that have developed and that are worsening but I cannot afford to lose my job. I contacted our HR Human Rights people and they said they can only do something if my manager agrees to go ahead with a complaint. But he is part of the problem. He acknowledges there is a problem but does nothing to help me or fix it. His only offer of assistance was that I could work from home if and when I felt uncomfortable in the office.

What do I do?  
Employee: Clover1234
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