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Workplace Bullying and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
My husband has been working at a place that is supposed to be rated one of the "Top 100 employers" in our country.
He is an honest and conscientious employee. For the past year, he has been subjected to what I call harassment and bullying by his supervisors and managers. He has always chosen the highroad. They have had meetings without him, asking his colleagues to "Rat him out" if he is 5 minutes late, or flat out telling them not to offer him any assistance as a team member whatsoever.

On the night we left for our summer vacation, one day in to his approved vacation - his acting supervisor sent him an email to our home account to advise him that he was not approving his request. (it had been since july). My boyfriend called the union to see what his rights were and was told to go on vacation. While we were away, it became apparent that this acting supervisor, was claiming that he did not sign the vacation request and that his signature was not his. While the union seemed helpful at first, they have stopped any movement on this issue.....allowing the supervisor to get off scott free in accusing someone of forgery, not following up with HR (who have been aware of the bullying since January and have done nothing including ignoring my boyfriends pleas for help and direction). One of his managers even tried to give my boyfriend a performance letter, that was written by a previous HR employee who was no longer with the company!!!!

We can't go to a lawyer until the union does something - but for whatever reason, are choosing inaction and silence. Even the president of the union, who was all over this supporting my boyfriend in the beginning - has shut up and doesn't even return phone calls now. Any thoughts?  
Employee: anonymous
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