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Can you help this person? They have a problem with
Workplace Bullying and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I am working with two other peers, from day one-one of my peers would involve me in her need to vent about our other peer. She would speak to me about her using awful language, when I asked her to talk to the other peer, she said no way. Over time they started to bond and I was glad, as it took pressure off of me of constantly indulging her. Both myself and the other coworker would also assist her and cover for her but her behaviour became more and more volatile. She went to my manager and said that she was hitting speed bumps with me and then my boss asked for a meeting. What came out of my coworkers mouth was unbelievable, lots of accusations about me being a racist, etc. Along the way she would also target different employees for something that they would say to her in a very innocent way. I also had to let my manager know that there was and had been a lot of stuff going on in the office but did not bring it to her attention before now because I did not want to be a rat.

This coworker would and does go from 0-60 in no time at all, but this particular behaviour she does not do in front of our manager.

She has "now come" for our manager with accusations that include my manager being in cahoots with me also saying that my manager sat across from her wagging her finger in her face, etc. I have worked with this manager for 12 years, this is not true!

This coworker has not followed proper channels with her grievances and has gone to the top of a local important agency in our community to say that our agency is not responsive to her needs and that everyone in the agency is making fun of her because she smudges in her car, etc. We would never do this. We work with vulnerable families and individuals, we would not be persecuting her for being a native woman. She has made totally false allegations about my behaviours one of them being that I got up in the middle of our office when she and I were present and started mocking her Native music by dancing in the middle of the office floor. THIS NEVER HAPPENED. I believe that this person has a borderline personality disorder and I do not feel that my agency is equipped to know what to do,this has been months and I have had to work at home so that I can feel some degree of safety. I feel like I have suffered PTSD.

My agency agrees with my working at home. I feel that this coworker could say anything based on the things that she has fabricated so far. I believe it has to do with what she would see as me withdrawing my attention for her once she became close to our other coworker.

I know that this is like a manuscript to read, but can someone help with advice. She has gotten the whole local native community up in arms claiming that I am a racist and that the agency has not responded and that they have not allowed her to be herself and practice her traditions. There is much more to say but basically she is a workplace bully and has mental health issues but everything that is mentioned has to do with her being a native woman. This employee says one thing to 'our' faces and then goes and does something completely different. Meaning she talks with you at meetings (where my manager is present) and says how much she loves her job, how much she appreciates our manager,etc and then goes to this other agency or the E.D. of our organization and says the complete opposite, claiming persecution. When asked why she is saying one thing and then doing the opposite she says that she is saying to others what they want to hear as it is mandated for her to do that. When she hugs you and you ask why did you hug me the other day if you felt this way? Her response is "I hugged you because that is what you wanted." It is sick, can someone help? My reputation has been damaged, I have had a great history of success within the field that I have worked in and yet my boss says how can one person destroy so many lives with her allegations? I believe that she is on her way to a lawsuit and I need to protect myself. I realize that my agency is the one that is accountable but it is just now really going to the board and my agency has expressed from day one how scared they are for their reputation in the community. HR has been involved and I have asked for some time off to figure out my next steps (I was given two days)and I have asked to be able to consult with a lawyer. I am meeting with HR next week to see if they will agree to that. I have a Union, but they have no idea...I feel that if my agency will not foot the bill for me to at least consult with a lawyer that I will have to go ahead and see one anyone at my own expense.  
Employee: anonymous
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