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Wrongful Termination and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I have been employed as site manager for a storage facility. We are rated based on our occupancy, sales, insurance, lock, merch., and delinquency % each month. As a property manager we are allowed to buy merchandise from ourselves at our stores. In November on two back to back days my wife and I purchased 1 lock on one day and 5 on another paid for by debit card. At this company we have a high turnover in employees so we get new hires in all the time not adhering to the sales techniques known to some of us older more experienced employees to work so it can affect our sales percentages. So after a particular bad month in lock sales due to the refusal of selling locks by new hires me and my wife bought locks on the side and returned them to see if the would raise my percentage to a suitable rate to keep out of the danger zone. We did this in no way no how to get a bonus, which we rarely got in my district anyway.
After discussing this issue and how it worked with my district manager he asked me not to do it anymore and so it stopped. In January my DM got hurt and they brought in a new dm. When I asked her about what she did before coming to our company she told me she was a dm for another company and I said really my wife used to work there and did not like the store manager. She proceeded to tell me that she fired him and enjoyed firing her male store managers and disputing their unemployment cases so they could not get it. Well this new dm found out what had happened in November and asked me not to do it anymore as in her words we would "have a different conversation" and I told her this had done been discussed that where it was legal for us to buy from our on stores and return things that at the time I had no idea there was anything wrong with it and she said ok. So come this past Saturday she walks into my office and tells me that she passed it along to my RM and HR and they said she could let me go for "falsification of company documents" and my title and position are terminated immediately. So my question is is there anything I do here? I have devoted the last two years of my life to this company even taking calls to run errands 25 minutes after I about lost my son at childbirth, so I was terribly hurt by their decision.  
Employee: anonymous
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
Well, it seems that you knew you were doing something wrong. Falsifying sales to keep your job is certainly wrong. Having said that, it isnt "super" wrong. I mean, if it was one example that happened before I even got there, I wouldn't fire you over it. Lets be human about this after all.

So, I doubt you have any rights here. In the strictest sense, you were wrong, and if they are looking for any excuse to get rid of you, that can be it. Sorry, and just keep it as a lesson learned.
Contributor: visitor
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