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Can you help this person? They have a problem with
Wrongful Termination and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I am full time QA technician.
On Wednesday, mar. 10, 2010 4:30pm, supervisor questioned me how come QA report shows box-001,004 & 007 color measurement result but in x-rite only exit box-001 value, I explain him on that day it is too busy to check other boxes but I did full test on box-001 is passing, and it is same formula version running on same line under same condition, visual check pellets is very close, should not be an issue. He immediately told me that's falsify and he is going to be very serious.

Right away he report to company head and hr as well. After wards he walk me towards hr office.

Inside hr office, I asked them am I got fired? They told me not, it is suspended for 3 days for falsify. I explained them again the situation, but they insist what they concern. And I left with his surveillance hand in company key and swipe card.

The next day they phone me and inform me I was terminated for falsifying and will send me termination letter through registered mail
I was very depressed concerning the hard time I experienced throughout whole year. Last year after I report for assault from foreman, verbal abuse from co-worker, no punishment for them at all, and verbal abuse going upper lever. Meanwhile they try to use variety way to let me go, like performance review with extreme low value, verbal word, you should volunteer leave can't keep you here anymore in front of others.

I disagree they cap me falsify, the color was absolutely passing concerning company rules, I skip other box color check,
for example, when we receive raw material pigment magenta, never check unless have concern on it, but will only sample one bag from same lot, won't check each bag, that's stupid, lack of knowledge.

We do follow checking 001,004,007 just for consistent color checking, it's not like color failing de=1.8, and I alter number into 1.3 as passing on purpose, that's very serious concern falsify.

And this supervisor always release color failing product to customer and alter value in coa to cheat customer as good product, that's extremely falsify report. It's very often in this company, and he previously release 18690-18 Kraft color to customer cause product was rejected by customer due to bad disperion for two truck load returned, and he blame qa tech for responsibility cause staff quit,(qa told him for bad dispersion, but he said it's garbage product, continue running and release as is.)

he made so many mistake in this company and later left towards company and last year September he came back again due to loss of job. What kind of company is that, they like you, you can do whatever you want here, mistakes, no punishment, promotion, and come back whenever you need. If they don't like you, verbal abuse, assault, capping......

I didn't get verbal, written warning just straight termination without a chance......  
Employee: caohua
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