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Favoritism and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I have worked now at this place for almost four years. Its a new place which branched from a larger branch. My supervisor was retired and felt he wanted to be apart of this new place. Four of us were hired in the original group. I was the rookie in this new location, but had experience from another field and a tech college associates degree yet learning and working my way in and through the ranks. Three of the original group left due to poor leadership.

I have stuck it out through a total of seven people, and a lot of stress and bullying, favoritism towards others. I have stuck it because I need the job and the insurance for my family. I now have been dealing with my managers daughters live-in boyfriend who he got on as a employee and now crossed over into my department and now my managers first grand baby has come into the picture. They lived in his home for a while until they could get on there feet and now he's the landlord of this guy who has now worked his way into a position over me with no experience in the field just like I was when I was hired.

He swears there is no favoritism and says I am just paranoid. He has started just pennies under what I make and has only been in our department just a little over a year now. I cannot go to H.R. because it is a good old boy system with in that area. I am at wits end and suffering from depression and lack of morale. This guy has gotten everything he has asked for and I was not even asked if I would like the chance. As a Senior with college a degree in tech field he has (and is) getting all the training while myself and another fellow are getting all the grit work. I have thought of going to the CEO himself as he has always said he has a open door policy. Should I or what should I do? please help.  
Employee: anonymous
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