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Can you help this person? They have a problem with
Favoritism and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
There are some employees in my workplace who are are not pulling their weight. This compamy stresses "teamwork", productivity, and with a low error threshhold for employees. There are some co-workers who are get blantant lee-way for their production and error rate. It is obvious to the other members of our so called team, but when management is approached with this concern, they either deny there is any favoritism, or say they are going to address the problem. Yet it continues. I have discussed this problem with my supervisor, the department manager, and their manager. I expresssed to them specific examples of favoritism, and how it results in resentment,and anger amongst those who witness these specific acts of favoritism. I know I am causing myself problems by speaking up about this issue. It angers the supervisor, since they deny any favoritism whatsoever. This anger results in my
being shuffled from department, to department, cross-training, and never knowing from one day to the next what I am going to be doing at work. I have no problem with cross-training, nor working in other departments. However, when it is used, by management, as a tool for fo getting even, I do get upset. This company has, for years, said that every employee will be cross trained in other departments. However, they actually cross train a small percentage of employees. I am told, when I ask my supervisor why I am the only one from my department consistently sent to other departments, that it is because "they know I can do it." It has become a pattern that whenever I approach my supervisor, or manager, concerning the favoritism issue, I am sent out of my home department, which results in someone from another department doing my regular job. I receive very positive reviews on job performance, which does not mean a lot to me anymore since I do not feel any incentive to be productive, or error-free, when there are a few who are not. When someone can have the supervisor remove an error, and provide them with help to get their work out when they cannot meet production, while the rest of us struggle to meet our goals, it is not incentive to be team players.

I am beginning to have a real problem with this issue, and there seems to be no solution, since the management will not admit there is a problem. I am, in the future, going to do my best to ignore this issue, and continue to do my best at whatever job I am assigned. I have gone through all the procedures that this company has in place to try to resolve this, and apparently, they are not listening. When our reviews are done, we are graded on production, and error rates. It is simply unfair for some of us to have our errors removed, and our production falsified. I do believe that this issue results in lower production, and a higher error rate. Unhappy employees are not productive employees.I need suggestions on how to accept the fact that the favoritism is going to continue, and to not let it drive me crazy when I witness it. Many of my co-workers come to me, asking that I go to management and express their concerns. I am tired of being punished for speaking out, not only for myself, but my "team."  
Employee: anonymous
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