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Can you help this person? They have a problem with
Favoritism and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I have been working for this company for almost 4 years now and moved around to different departments I like to learn. There is employee favoritism and all the men get the promotions and the best hours. I have have had a string of bad luck and had to call off a few times in the last 3 months one was an infection that was growing bigger and had to be attended to right way (this resulted in 4 points). In just this month alone I was so sick I had to call off one monday and it resulted in me getting 3 points for a proper call off. They warned me I was at 10 points and if I called off again I would be at 13 points.

I worked all week really sick on a Sunday I was so sick I went to the ER. When I called in at 4 am or so and said I could not come in for two days because I had pneumonia. This ended up in a big fight for my job I had to go back to the hospital and have my leave of absence signed again for 3 days they then told me this falls into the fmla act and no points.

This Sunday I had a call from the police telling me I had to come get my daughter right away from the police station. I left work right away, the supervisor never warned me that this could lead me into getting into more trouble she just said no worries and let me attend to the emergency.

I got a call the next day from the manager she left a message with my son that she needed me at 4pm. She calls back and then ask my son to tell me to call her asap. I call her and she says you are not going to like this but I am suspending you for 3 days. I have found out because of one employee having a fit because I had an emergency and had to leave resulted in me getting suspended. He called off the following day for no reason at all just because I had an emergency. This is not the only problem I have encountered because of this one employee. Everyone else was very understanding.

All the men that work in the cage have been advanced and when I asked about me they gave some lame excuse that I was not fast enough. I am also older then all these other employees and female not a male.

I am so stressed out from this job now I am in pain, my back and neck are hurting and headaches. The supervisor is treating me differently and I have to work next to this guy all the time. Do I have any kind of case against this company?  
Employee: desireaz
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
Take this to labour relations if you are not unionized. Do you have any disability insurance, if not you could apply for sick leave with EI. Go to your doctor and get sick leave, try and get this sorted out in the mean time. If you can-get work else where, you only have 4 years invested in a crap environment, talk to your kids if they are old enough to understand. Ask you supervisor what you can do to get recognized, ask your supervisor for assistance. Perhaps your supervisor is unaware, or wants to help but you have not asked. Again, I might have rosy pink glasses on and your supervisor is part of the problem. Talk with labour relations, they will direct you. I am sorry you are experiencing difficulty, Have a great day.
Contributor: visitor
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