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This is the original problem from an employee...
I work in a hotel. There is one associate who is at same level as me, suppose to be same rate, started at same time and has continued to be overlooked/treated differently. For example, she has brought family/friends in at assoc. rate and they were caught doing drugs inside room, stole pillows, and didn't pay rate until week later(police were involved), she has been questioned of selling drugs, slept with a guest and has been caught drinking and smoking with guests, has been charged with 2 felonies for a dwi and having weed, sent guest dirty pictures of herself under door, she is the first to be called in for help/ do extra work, she hangs out with a manager outside of work; everyone's hours were cut for 2 wks besides hers, a manager has taken down a posted schedule, changed it, posted new one, so this employee could change days off, this manager switched schedules so this assoc. could get an abortion, she continues to make in house reservations, when no one else can, she makes false promises, gives out govt rates to civilians, takes smoke breaks several times during shift, w/0 clocking out, comes very early, leaves whenever w/o clocking out, makes personal phone calls, has stolen money, most of the time these things are overlooked by management, and if we take issues/ say there's favortism or not equal hours across the board, they act stand-offish, say we have attitudes, and say "nothing is overlooked" but never changes the problems.

There are several of us who are just fed up with it and don't know who to contact or what to do. Also, our assistant general manager (agm) has hired her daughter and daughter's boyfriend, so they always get preferred hours, before people who have worked here longer. Someone contacted the corporate over our hotel and the managers acted horrible to front desk staff for about a week. The AGM will say no one can be on internet, and then get on it for personal reasons and let her relatives on as well, she will continuously take food from bistro without paying, take snacks without paying, and tries to enforce rules of everyone else paying/not getting on internet. What can we do? Who can we report these unethical issues to?  
Employee: what2doplz
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