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This is the original problem from an employee...
I am employed by an HVAC company in. One woman is in charge of scheduling and putting together the inventory/sales spreadsheets to reflect each persons sales and make sure they are keeping up with everyone else. I have been with the company three years and within the past year I have been busting my butt taking on extra calls because the other two men that are referred to as "her boys" in the office decide they are going to take off early each day so they can do side work for other people. (which is prohibited by the company) Two of us guys recieve 8-9 calls per day while everyone else only takes on 5 or 6 and goes home. My co-worker and I have decided to start keeping track of our own sales and inventory ourselves and it seems that she is giving "her boys" credit for our hard work, which makes it appear we aren't doing our job and slacking. An example being one of the guys was laid off all winter and worked one month while the rest of us worked the whole winter and somehow his truck revenue was higher than anyones! The owners are oblivious to the situation and let her run the show. If anyone opens their mouth, she has the authority to fire...she has went thru 3 different secretaries in 6 mths due to them expressing their opinion. We are afraid to say anything because she sits in on every meeting with the owners and she acts as if she is just perfect and doing nothing wrong. We are not able to eat lunch at all due to her double booking almost every single call while everyone else is out of the office by 4 or sitting in the office for hours talking with the office staff and we are out in the field until 7 or 8 each night. If she isn't happy she just ignores her staff and blames her schedule mix ups on them; my buddy and I have to pick up the slack because she lets everyone else go home but us. We have even teamed up just to finish our jobs so we can get home to our families b/c no one else would answer their phone to help out. During staff meetings they specify that NO ONE should be taking any time off without prior two week notice but apparently this does not apply to the two she is related to. They call in at least once a exaggeration...I have never had to call in once in three years. Any suggestions on how to handle an office manager on a power trip??  
Employee: anonymous
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