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Favoritism and need some advice.


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This is the original problem from an employee...
I have worked for a Pharmacy for 3 years now and I am the only Nationally Certified Pharmacy Tech in the store I work for. I have been extremely flexible with my schedule, never late, never call off, and always go above and beyond to help customers and coworkers. I decided I was going back to college this fall and gave my supervisor my availability times two months in advance. I told her I only needed a couple classes this fall, so I could stay full time. She did not act as if there was going to be a problem and that she may have to hire someone else since we were short staff anyways. Two months go by and no one is hired nor do I think there is an issue with my schedule. She was able to give me the schedule i requested for 2 weeks and now she is wanting me to be more flexible. I stated to her that I need a regular schedule and time to study because school is important. There are two employees I work with that have children, one employee is fairly new and part time. The other employee is full time and been with the company for about 5 years. These two employees are given the schedule they ask for due to having children. One of the employees are unable to perform tasks due to unwillingness to learn and is not made to. The other employee has had write ups due to customer complaints, leaves work early,call offs,and the DM went as far to say she is on thin ice and if one more thing happens she is fired. Plus she does the bare minimum if not less most says she is working. I'm terribly upset because my supervisor schedules these two employees what they want due to children. Why can't they be more flexible? Favoritism??  
Employee: anonymous
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