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This is the original problem from an employee...
I work in the shipping dept.We deal with aluminum and steel.We had 1 person go up and sleep anytime he felt like it.Then the boss would ask everyone else to do his job.He was his time clock at lunch as he would go wake him up 45 minutes to an hour after lunch time was up.After many times asking boss whats up with that and being ignored I took it in my own hands.Posted some bull on facebook without names and was attacked verbally the next day.So t was pretty apparent someone knew who I was talking about when they told them what I wrote.

Recently went to plant manager and asked to be moved from lifting steel all day.Did this for 6 years while other employees were lifting aluminum all day.Never in the six years did anyone else ever pick a steel order if i was at work.Well within two days of someone else doing that job he had help. I could not believe it!Went to boss whats up with that never in the six years i did it did i get help.I was not very nice believe me.Yes we are a union shop.His response is that we had nothing to do. Really when i did it there would be 2 people standing around doing nothing.What i took from that is that i was a sucker.Maybe,but i was raised with A days pay for a days work.It just gets harder and harder to work in this kind of environment.I really want to do the right thing but not sure what that is. And then there was work that Saturday and plant manager says to me I am bringing in three people in from shipping are you in the top three.This was already posted why ask me this after the fact mmmmmmmmmmmm.

I have turned down overtime because i could not go to work and have someone sleep for six hours while i worked.And what i really get a laugh at is other employees bitch ad moan about people doing nothing and they are the first ones to help them bums.I really understand managements thinking about get what you can out of your employees. Well then they should understand when a employee feels used and abused.  
Employee: anonymous
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