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This is the original problem from an employee...
I started working with the health care agency that I'm with almost four years ago. When I started there were a lot of promises to make a lot of changes so everyone would be equal. Last summer I was approached by a union that was interested in getting as many of the workers in my company together to make a positive change within the company. I was not the only worker that wanted to help form a union/ organization that would be beneficial to all of the employees.

To make a long story short we did not get the union even though the union ended up having my company charged for the unethical voting process that we were put through for the first voting process that we employees went through. Management for my company was so horrible the first time we voted that the labour union had to arrange for another opportunity for us to vote. We lost both times. I also lost supposed friends that decided at this point that I was the devil's advocate and by their rotten behavior made it clear how they felt about the whole situation.

One of my so-called friends even had the audacity to ask me when I would be leaving. I honestly thought that we would have won the vote. You see, in my company, the more you brow-nose up to management the more hours you receive. If you don't brown-nose up to management forget about getting the hours that you need. Since the vote things have become even worst for me. I was not included in a lot of events this year. The Christmas party. The annual flu shots that are given out every year and the C.P.R re-certification that all of the employees are supposed to receive. I have to admit I never expected to still be employed by them however I work so much that I would have to book days off of work to look for a job. I also am a mother so I need to have a job or position elsewhere before I leave this job. I also find that the competition in my field of work is really stiff. I'm a Personal Support Worker.  
Employee: anonymous
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