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This is the original problem from an employee...
I started with a fortune 500 company in September. The job is fantastic, the salary and benefits were too. About five weeks after I started... the compensation changed to a completely different deal. To make a long story short... they are not paying us. They keep giving us double talk and never answer our questions. I have sold close to 1M in deals and am owed a lot of commission... I don't feel like I'm going to see. Managers are not interested in our concerns. I'd hate to leave as the benefits are good, and I like the work. If I do leave... everything I've done would be for naught. I want to handle this correctly, and would appreciate any insight. Thank you, aeo  
Employee: anonymous
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
Everything for naught? Don't listen to yourself say that. You must be young. There are TONS of setbacks in life, and you will (in time) look back at everyone as a good thing. I promise you. If you won't get paid, learn how you could have handled it better, earlier. Prepare a plan to never let it happen again. Move on.
Contributor: visitor
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
If it is that bad, that deceptive, and you have many peers who agree. I would file complaints with the Us. Department of Labor.

However, if your peers do not agree....they will stab you in the back. Look at the economy. Anyone will sign anything from management....even if they dont realize they could be next.
Contributor: visitor
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A visitor of this site offers this as a possible solution...
hey the job may sound bad at the moment cause of what is going on but there are ways to fix this. If you are not getting paid by your employer you can always go and speak to someone and see what you can do to fix the problem for example in Australia if we have this problem we can call a place called fairtrade and they help by working out what is going on and they get straight on to it so if you have a place like that from where you are from you may like to give them a call and see how they can help you in your situation.
Contributor: visitor
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